Longest Moustache in the World

Jaipur based Ram Singh Chauhan holds the record for the man with the longest moustache in the world. He is the proud owner of a 18.5 feet long moustache. It was measured on the set of the Italian TV show "Lo Show dei Record" in Rome, Italy, on 4 March 2010

The 64-year-old holds the record for the man with the longest moustache in the world, saying that it is his 'most prized possession.' The tash is now 38 years old and the last time a shaving blade was used to trim it, was in the 1970s. 'It has taken me a long, long time to get it to 14 feet. It's not been an easy task. When I first started to grow my moustache, I did not intend to break any record. Moustaches have been a part of Rajasthani and Indian culture for centuries. It is the symbol of pride and respect."

Chauhan's incredible tash has made him travel to Italy and Germany. He was also the brand ambassodor for Rajasthan Tourism for 30 years. He has also done a show on the India-Pakistan border. Though, he does admit that grooming and maintaining the snaky moustache is an arduous task.

World Record : Longest Moustache in the World
World Record Holder : Ram Singh Chauhan, Jaipur, India
Statue Size : 18.5 feet
Record Date : 4 March 2010
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